End of lease cleaning

Often times, the need for end of lease cleaning services is immediately apparent. Perhaps the tenant’s belongings were left behind in their furnished home and no one noticed until it was time to pack up. Or perhaps the lease has expired and the tenant is on their way out and the cleaning company needs to be dispatched to their last, rented home. In either case, the clean up can be a challenge.

end of lease cleaning

The primary job of a cleaning company when it comes to empty houses is to get the belongings ready for the last home- the final home. At this point, the clean up should be as small as possible. But to save on manpower, the responsibilities should be limited to trash removal, mopping, vacuuming, vacuuming and cleaning of floors and walls.

One way to get a leg up on the owner and give yourself some breathing room before your final home is ready is to hold a home sale in your old house. This will allow you to get rid of the accumulated clutter of your rented house and not be forced to move out on the first available date. Sometimes, this can be done as part of a “quick sale” deal or rent to own program.

Vacuuming can be a big job to have to do once you are in the final home. But once you have the keys to the house, start taking the things out that you don’t need to move and clean the bathroom and kitchen. This will help you clean out the carpeting and wicker chairs and tables and make the house look as clean as possible.

As for the living room and bedrooms, you will also need to get these clean. If you have inherited a few pieces from your friend’s basement, do a little remedial cleaning on them to keep from adding to your own mess. Take a broom and dust every square inch of your family room and bedroom, even on carpets. If you have a bathroom, bring it up to a higher grade than the floor and lay a heavy rug around it.

But the cleaning job on your living room and bedroom needs to be done before you move in. If you can add a guest room, this will give you a place to store your clean bed sheets and blankets when you are gone.

A quick check of your guest room will let you know if the house needs some additional cleaning, but you can’t really do a full cleanup until you are in the final home. If you have a guest room, your guest should be sent to their new home so that they can be cleaned up. And they should still have an invitation to your final home.

If your first home is at the end of the line, you might not be able to get hold of your cleaning service until you are in the final home. This means that the clean up can’t be a full job. If that is the case, you may need to think about hiring another contractor to do a small job of end of lease cleaning.

Keep your old floor covered and your basement clean as best you can. The storage areas underneath the house can be easily swept, if you need to do a quick clean up to get you out of the house before the cleaning service arrives.

The landlord of the rental property should be contacted and talked to to see if any other boxes or belongings are left behind. If so, you may need to take care of these while the company is doing its end of lease cleaning. When you are done, place the boxes in your car and begin packing up your last home.

With a little planning and some expenses of the past, you can make the end of lease cleaning as easy as possible. To make sure that your home has the cleanest possible look, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your home as well.

Yvonne Ryan